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The first TRUE Aerobatic Freestyle machine in a light, easy to produce, attractive package!

If you are getting a little disenchanted with the variable quality of ARTFs, your's is a bit heavy, doesn't fly as well as it looks, or you are fed up with a lack of individuality, we invite you to FLYCAPICHE.  An extremely easy build, with a super light airframe for sports though to 3D Artistic Aerobatic performance for the expert, the Capiche 50 represents the begining of a revolution in aeromodelling.  Designed for 36-53 two / 52 - 72 fourstroke power you can be pottering around for some light hearted fun on a Sunday afternoon or giving it the full 3D Artistic Aerobatic workout for a comp or show off to your buddies.  A real quick build, it goes together like a 3 Dimensioanl Jigsaw puzzle.     For more information about this phenominal machine visit www.flycapiche.co.uk

The Capiche 50, with the 3D Aerobatic wing.
Wing Span 56"
Wing Area 4.28 sq ft
Fuz length 55”
AUW 4.25lbs to 5.25lbs
Engine 36 to 53 two stroke 52 to 72 four stroke or ELECTRIC as above!

This model can be set up as a tame sports aerobatic trainer, or a radical 3D Hot Dog Aerobat and you can expect pure control responses to make high alpha manouvres childs play !.